Professional Secretary and Administrator

Two day programme

What Our Customers said…..

‘It helped me become more aware of time management and planning my work whether daily or long term. It also make me aware of my personal posture/confidence and how to improve it.’

‘It give ideas to overcome the problems at work.’

‘The specific ways in which my communication in the workplace is now improved are..Through being able to openly discuss issues with colleagues, by being assertive, helpful, willing, calm and listening attentively.’

Are these some of your problems –

  • Managing yourself and your time?
  • Forming a good working relationship with one or several bosses?
  • Managing stress?
  • Balancing home and work demands?
  • Dealing with written and spoken communication at work?

This course will help you find solutions to these and many other work related problems.


To develop essential written and spoken skills.

Target Group:

Senior secretaries, personal assistants, administrators and others  with related responsibilities

Course Outline

This advanced development programme will help you, as a senior secretary/administrator, to make the most of your personal assets for maximum benefit to yourself and your organisation.


  • Handle multiple tasks and order priorities for multiple bosses
  • Develop confidence in representing the ideas of your boss to others
  • Improve your own effectiveness to become a pivotal part of a team
  • Achieve a co-operative and productive work environment
  • Communicate successfully with clients, bosses and colleagues
  • Be assertive not aggressive
  • Disagree without being disagreeable
  • Set priorities and manage time effectively


This is an activity based programme in which participants are encouraged to share solutions to mutual problems.

Through case studies and video they can study and extend their capability to dea with a wide range of work related situations.

Participants also work through individual written and spoken tasks.


Self check, peer review and private assessment by the presenter.

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