Customer Satisfaction

One day programme

What Our Customers said…..

‘This helps us understand what our customers expect from us.’

‘It broadens one’s mind, refreshes what one is doing on a day-to-day basis.’

‘it really helps us to understand the customer and try to solve the internal and external problems.’

‘I really enjoyed the course, gathered lots of information and I will really practise these to provide better service.’

Are these some of your problems –

  • Lost customers?
  • Unhappy clients?
  • Lost sales?
  • Poor staff or colleague co-operation?
  • Undesirable corporate image?
  • Not knowing what to say or do to give good service?

The Customer Satisfaction programme will give you –

  • Successful ways to get co-operation at work
  • Successful ways to solve customer problems
  • Successful ways to handle complaints and criticism


Equip participants to meet the needs of their existing customers/clients and by doing so attract their repeat business.

Target Group

Staff who come into contact with customers and clients through sales, handling complaints, reception, in person or by telephone.


  • Customer perceptions of the organisation and presenting the right image
  • Establishing a positive attitude to good service
  • Listening and questioning to get the right information
  • Elements of good service
  • Turning customer service into customer satisfaction
  • Using the telephone for customer satisfaction
  • Business courtesies
  • Presenting a good personal image – how you look and how you speak
  • Dealing with difficult people and difficult situations
  • Informing and explaining
  • Strategies for coping with stress


The programme will use practical activities to involve participants in experiences and discussion which will develop existing skills and introduce new approaches.


Participants can assess progress through self check activities, peer evaluation and private guidance from the presenter. The evaluate against the objective they set at the beginning of the course.


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