Powerful Presentations

Two day programme

What Our Customers said…..

‘For me the most useful section was… Overcoming nervousness and gaining confidence, …learning how to hold the attention of an audience, how to structure and organise a speech.’

‘The course helps with outlining your ideas and how you are going to present them.’

Are these some of your problems –

  • Nervousness?
  • Speaking too quickly or too quietly?
  • To use or not to use notes?
  • Organising content to make an impact?
  • Boring the audience?
  • Knowing what visual aids to use and how to use them?

This programme will help you find solutions to these and other problems you may have.


To develop audience-centred presentation skills to achieve the purposes of participants.

Target Group

Business executives and professional people who regularly address,or who may need to address, audiences, especially those who feel their performance is drab, who do not attract and hold their audience or whose message is unclear or lacking persuasiveness.


  • Who is my audience? Audience analysis and response
  • Organising ideas – to meet the speaker’s purpose
  • Speech structures
  • Powerful opening – establishing and holding rapport
  • Memorable closings – reinforcing the message
  • Use of outlines and notes
  • Informative speaking – memorable use of facts
  • Persuasive speaking – ethical techniques and motive appeals
  • Social speaking – fresh and appropriate speaking
  • Controlling nervousness – confident public speaking
  • Can you hear me? Achieving an effective voice
  • Overcome objections and answer the questions
  • Using power point and other visual aids
  • Developing a good platform manner


Each stage enables participants to take part in impromptu or prepared speaking opportunities.

Taking account of adult public speaking fears, the presenter offers support and encouragement to participants as well challenges.


Peer review and individual, private assessment by the presenter.

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