Stress Free Productive Work

One day programme

Do you wonder why –

  • You are always busy but don’t achieve much?
  • You dread Mondays?
  • Decision making is becoming harder?
  • You find it hard to relax?

Even one ‘yes’ could indicate that you are working under stress and would benefit from learning how to achieve Stress Free Productive Work.


To enable participants to learn and apply ‘A Busy Person’s Guide to Relaxation’ ©

(This is a mental and physical stress management routine, which is integrated into the working day for a positive and productive response to work pressure.)

Target Group

People at all levels of occupation who suffer stress or who may be exposed to stress during the working day.


  • How to recognise signs of stress
  • Stress and your lifestyle
  • Stress and your personality
  • Causes of stress
  • How to reduce causes of stress
  • Breaking the stress cycle
  • How to cope with a busy work load, a busy routine, busy people, and change
  • Good communication, a must for stress management
  • Being assertive
  • I can cope – principles and practice of A Busy Person’s Guide to Relaxation©
  • Management plan for coping with stress at work


  • Direct instruction
  • Self-monitoring
  • Discussion


Participants self monitor as they progress through physical and mental activities for managing stress.

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