Successful Problem Solving and Decision Making

Two day programme

What Our Customers said…..

‘You can apply the information to any office situation and productivity can be enhanced to the maximum level.’

‘It is interesting an will definitely help anyone who has to solve problems at work.’

‘It is most effectively and professionally presented and conducted.’

Managers, supervisors, team leaders, senior staff, do you ever ask –

  • Why am I in a mental rut?
  • How can I freshen up my thinking?
  • Are safe decisions always the best?
  • When I decide, should I just trust my instincts?
  • How can I develop the creativity of my staff?

Successful Problem Solving and Decision Making will help you find the answers.

If you –

  • Feel overwhelmed by problems which seem to have no solutions
  • Want to energise your own innovative, creative thinking
  • Want to encourage your staff to solve problems for themselves……

this stimulating programme is for you.


To use creative thinking skills to solve problems and to make clear, logical and accurate decisions.

Target Group

Managers, supervisors, leaders and senior staff.


  • Functions of thinking – how and I thinking? Extending and enriching customary patterns of thinking
  • Generating creative options – thinking beyond the obvious, widening the range of options
  • Encouraging creative thinking in others – enabling staff to problem solve
  • Applied thinking – to find solutions to work related problems and participants’ own problems
  • Decision making – a five point plan to make logical, clear and correct decisions


Participation through –

  • Individual and group activities to explore thinking
  • Case studies
  • Discussion of examples contributed by participants


Participants self check and observe own styles of thinking and by applying new ways to approach problems they will generate solutions or ways to deal with problems.

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