Successful Team Building

Two day programme

What Our Customers said…..

‘It’s extremely helpful for managers who want their teams to work more effectively.’

‘It would help a person become a better leader and a team player.’

‘Problems can be solved through what I learnt in the course.’

‘It helps me improve the way we lead in our organisation.’

Managers, supervisors, team leaders and senior staff, do you ever ask –

  • How can my staff become a team?
  • What leadership style is best?
  • What can I do when team morale is low?
  • How do I balance staff needs and task needs?
  • How can cultural difference enhance the team’s effectiveness?

Successful Team Building will help you find the answers and set you on the right path to build a winning team at work.


To acquire or develop skills to build and lead a successful, task driven team.

Target Group

Managers, supervisors, team leaders and senior staff.


  • Group formation and function – what makes a team different from a group
  • Models of team building – application of the best model to suit your needs
  • Team roles and responsibilities – identifying and using individuality and dealing with cultural difference
  • Leadership styles – identifying your style
  • Team problem solving – strategies for productive and time saving meetings.
  • Sustaining group morale – how motivation works
  • Raising standards of performance


Participation through: 

  • Group activities which define a team and how it functions, and activities to reflect individual leadership and participative roles.
  • Observation and discussion of these activities
  • Video based observation and discussion
  • Self check activities


Self check, team and peer review, general and private assessment by the presenter.

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