Time Management

One day programme

What Our Customers said…..

‘You will get things done on time and may actually have some time to spare.’

‘You will not only be efficient but also be effective.’

‘Most valuable for me were – mind mapping, looking at things more creatively, …role play, brainstorm sessions…quiz sheets.

Are these some of your problems –

  • You are busy but you don’t achieve much?
  • Setting priorities?
  • Meetings that eat up your time?
  • Balancing work and outside commitments?
  • Saying ‘no’ when you have to?

Learn how to review and set priorities, find ways to deal with interruptions, learn to exercise effective, assertive techniques to manage your time, and how to make meetings efficient and effective.


To acquire effective routines and confident assertive speaking to manage time.

Target Group

Executives, managers, supervisors, senior staff and those who are responsible for managing their own discretionary time.


  • Goal setting
  • Time planning
  • From plan to performance
  • Long range office planning
  • Organising to find time
  • Leadership
  • Assertive skills
  • Time-effective meeting practices
  • Planning for personal growth


  • Involvement in workshop activities to discover the most effective ways to plan and use time
  • Self check lists
  • Individual activities to suit the needs of participants
  • Resource material


Participants set their own objectives and will be able to assess progress throughout the day after each activity

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