Write Right

Two day programme

What Our Customers said…..

‘If you need a refresher or are confused about certain aspects of writing this course will sort that out.’

‘….how to write concisely and for the reader to be able to understand you.’

‘…for those of us for whom English is a second language it helps us to brush up on our English writing skills and have a better understanding of basic sentence structure.’

Do you ask –

  •  How do I make my meaning clear? 
  •  Do I use ‘affect’ or ‘effect’? 
  •  Do I write ‘its’ or it’s’? 
  •  How do I use an active style? 
  •  A number ‘is’ or a number ‘are’? 
  •  How do I paragraph? 
  •  How do I write for e mailing?

This programme will help you with the answers.


To improve or develop clear, concise, grammatical and up-to-date business writing skills.

Target Group

Managers, supervisors, secretaries, writers of manuals, people in sales or personnel.


  • Reader-centred writing
  • Clear and concise expression
  • Select the right word
  • Grammar guidelines
  • Punctuation for sense and easy reading
  • When to use active and passive
  • Highlight the main message
  • Edit for clarity and accuracy
  • Easy writing for easy reading
  • Writing in different media – post, email, fax
  • Participant’s own writing reviewed


  • Individual and group writing activities
  • Examining writing models
  • Group discussion to uncover specific and general problems and solutions offered
  • Individual consultation of writing samples brought by participants


Self check activities, peer review and presenter guided editing supported with answer sheets. Each selection has a review activity at the end of day two.

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